Si Tu Veux was established in 1999 for the purpose of conveying the importance and enjoyment of wearing clothing to children who will be grown ups one day.
During the growth of a child, individuality awakens. Si Tu Veux offers clothing color, design and fitting which suits each kid.Also as we would like to provide comfortable clothing by looking for merchandise all around world and in Japan.
Please pay a visit to our shop together with your child. We are looking forward to seeing you.



We would like to show you the kid boutique Si Tu Veux providing seasonal clothing.
Not just for special occasions; wearing comfy clothing in daily life can even soften the negative feelings that you had a minute ago and bring out a smile.
Beaming smiles on children's faces are gifts from heaven, aren't they?
Please come and see all the treasures that we have collected, wishing for cheerful smiles on everyone's face.
  • album di famiglia

    from ITALY

  • Happy To See You

    from FRANCE

  • homspun

    from FRANCE

  • Nils & Happy to see you

    from JAPAN

  • 天野ミサ

    from JAPAN

  • Au claire de la lune

    from JAPAN

  • etc...


STV always wants to motivate children’s curiosity. Please check FB and instagram for the next event.
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